We're all mad here.


Hello Isabella. 
What a place and what a name.
I know that you love this as much as the bookthief loves her books.
In the end it'll be a lovely book, a bloody book.
For others to steal. For me to love.

Jag var i England, mitt vackra England. Andades liv. 
Highbury Heath, Brighton, London, Colchester.

A hundred kisses and enough envelopes
Myself, dreamy. Truly, yours.

Vi ramlar aldrig ner för trappor.

This. Is. My. Favourite. Person. In. The. Entire. World. 
Whether we are trying to finish an insane amount of fish and chips, 
or running down some blurry stairs or investigating a very peculiar picture,
-> Every second, with this particular person means the world to me. 
Livet är så vackert när du är. Här. Eller där jag är.

Another beautiful place to get lost.

We are vading in the snow with jammed hands and aching feet.
Reaching a little bit higher and visiting the grave of Little John.
Sneaking into another sleeping bag, stealing some warmth. 
Catching our breath at a fireplace.
Oh well, how good is life?