Some really really good things.

1. The butterflies in my stomach just before I click on the button "view results" on an assignment or test. I don't know why, but that feeling is exciting. 

2. When other people tell me stories. About their lives, and their countries and feelings. Just like the caretaker who fixed my ventilator the other day. He got a tiny dreamcatcher from a guy in a bar in Nevada once. Stories. 
3. To wake up in the morning with the sun shining through my window (or randomly falling asleep in the sun). That's probably what I am going to miss if I don't have the sun on my side next year. And to know that at 7am in the morning, regardless what day it is, miss Nora, who lives one meter away from my room, will be up for pancakes or scones or gym or smoothie. 

4. To meet people I do not know at all. Like when I'm walking around in London or on campus, staring at beautiful people and realising that they're staring back. Exchanging a silent 'hi' and walk away. Those moments are sufficient to make the whole day into a happy day. (Or maybe a happy happyday, hehe)

5. To hear positive rumors. People tend to talk a lot about other people, and I just love to hear those positive rumors about them. Including those about myself. 

6. To long for the future. Sometimes it's a bit of a trap, but generally I love longing. So here are a few things I long for: my Magaluf-summer, emails from a very warm place. For when I finish my last exam for this year, for playing squash, playing beach volleyball, learning how to surf. For living.

7. To listen to loads of languages. I had the fortune to listen to proper Welsh for the first time in my life the other day. It's just funny how other languages sound so weird to your ear. 

8. To relax on the grass outside or on a blanket with someone lovable. To just don't do anything except for enjoying that specific moment. Doing nothing deliberately is clearly underestimated.

9. To only spend time with people who are worth it. To shut my ears for a while and just stop inhaling nonsense.

10. To share euphoric feelings with someone. Today I'd like to share them with the only dental hygienist I know over a cuppa, or with a joker on a roof.