Back on track.

Left my dearest room in Colchester at 3am yesterday. I woke up when the plane was about to land. Someone tells me about my essex accent, he's from Colchester, what a coincidence. Thank you, goodbye or see you later. Then I greet my parents. Lunch in Gothenburg. Expecting people to speak English. They don't. Going home. Resting. Falling asleep on the floor with my dog. Waiting for my beloved ones. 

Lad in blue's birthday. Had a party at mine. Or a rave. Throwing cake everywhere, and wine. Or praying, huging, loving. It deserves a smile. We're all different. You are different. Everything is different. Does it make a difference? Yes/no. I've missed everyone. And I miss everyone. Who is everyone? Memories. We're all memories. 

Happy birthday. We had a great party, with all those people. And I'm still a part, still a part in the puzzle. Deserves another smile. Rafaello cake = third smile. Love. 

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