The sausage princess wrote something in my drafts and it makes me cry. 

Here we come.
You first.
Then me.
It started with some smiles, and now, move to another country together?
Another country.
A new one.
Perfect for us.
Because everything is perfect when we are together.
I will cry. 
So much.
Maybe as much as I did when you moved the last time.
It was awful. For me.
But also so beautiful.
And now together.
I can't wait.
Everything is perfect.
When you're with me.
And I can't wait.
I can't stop smiling.
Cause you're my love.

Darling, it is too good to be true.
And I will probably not even realise until I'm at the airport, waiting, for you.
In another country where I've built a little foundation for us two,
Streets and graffiti, surfers and hipsters, warmth and love
All of that will be ours.

When summer has turned to autumn in our dear Europe,
everything will be heading towards summer, including you. 
Melbourne, the liveliest city. Well nothing is going to be more lively,
than you and me and a little flat and our big adventures. 
So many places to visit and so many faces to see, 
but best of all is, that it is going to be our time and our experiences.
This is going to make up for every second we've missed so far.

From a couple of smiles
to around the world and back.
I love you to pieces, I really do.

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Baby. Att få leva livet tillsammans med dig. Kan inte förstå än.

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