Vet du hur färger känns?

A paradise-second a day is enough. One day I ate fake ballerina cookies from IKEA. It reminded me of home. And whilst cake recepies are read out to me in Swedish by my Spanish friend, I start my countdown. 15 days until my term ends. Last sunday was my third anniversary of something which is now nothing. 
Time flies. As always.

Please come soon.

^Happy days^
, would you mind stopping by?
Just for a second or two. Positive consistency. Yes, please.
November fly away. My first of two new years is approaching - please clean my room, my mind, my soul. 

Your mouth is a revolver, firing bullets in the sky

My new favourite night is the bonfire night. To celebrate a maverick,
a terriorist as some may say, was incredibly good.
Fireworks, bonfires and cinnamon drinks. 
Hugs and kisses until the sun rises, 
Love you all, love you all. 

Inhale our melody one more time please.
Walk on the coal, feel the warmth and don't throw it away. 
Foggy windows and cold breaths. 
It was warm in our bonfire hearts.