One month flies fast. Here am I, with a new room and new friends.
Fresher's week is over and everything is back to the unnormal. 
One day I happened to be the 80's with flowers on my thighs. 
What a night. Weird sleeping patterns. 
But not worse than my sedative-filled joker.
I miss you.

Climbing. Some amazing personalities right there. 
No risk of mainstreamness here, nonono. 
We climb higher and higher, to my favourite ALT-J tunes.
The definite place to be. With sore hands, and a huge muscle ache. 

Volleyball. With some of the best players of England. 
I'm so blessed. 

Another sunset. A movienight transforms itself to an acustic guitar night, 
Maffiah or a messy milkshake. And there will be scones in the morning.