I had my first wintery birthday. 
I was exceptionally happy for a plant that I got. 
The mysterious chocolate person also makes me very happy. 
Darkness, some candles and a cake to top it all up.
It was a good day.

Busy as always.

How obsessed have I become. Seeking the mountains, the view, the challenges. I need a new italy trip. Right now. Or maybe in two months. Gosh, another few weeks of awesomeness. Let's cross our fingers. 

Watching my first match ever, in any sport really, but especially in footie. A very good time. Some aboriginal posing strikes the newspapers. A free country, is it not. 

Scavenger hunts in a city filled with buskers and hipster lanes. How great is life in this city? Moving is on the list. 


Staring at me just from outside my window.
Beautifully bewinged. Spending their time around towers in the sunset.
This is what I wanted. When I was 7 years old and my parents got me a budgie. 
To see them flying around freely, like the eagle on my nametag. 
Just like that. Who needs teleportation when one can fly. 
Apparently we do.