Holy days.

Clouds. They looked like a landscape that morning. 
As if I could walk down the airplane stairs and skip around on them, like giant sponges. 
She was drawing, my Taiwanesian friend, drawing the beauty we saw. Bachelor of Arts, what a dream. 
The paradise looks like a sunrise, I know it already. An infinite sunrise, just like my pictures are eternalised. 
Dreaming a bit more, deleting time.

We pretended that we could meet in our dreams when we were young,
 play together in the imagined snow outside. Climbing trees and libraries. 
I keep dreaming all those things, with new faces and no boundaries. 
Boulder. Bouldering. Falling down from mountains in Yosemite. 
Skydiving, flying, towards the ground. En hand i himlen, som vi alltid sa.

The plane is landing and my parents are waiting on the other side of the barrier. 
My friends are waiting at home, calling, messaging - yes I am here
I am here now, for a little while. Play with me and show me what I have forgotten.
1 Mammis:


🎅 Mysigt 🎄

Svar: <3
Isabella Johansson

2 Caroline O:


Härligt, hoppas vi ses i badhuset :)

Svar: Det gör vi :)
Isabella Johansson

3 Linnea:


Så otroligt vacker bild från flygplanet! Går ju seriöst inte ens att förklara i ord hur fint det är.

God jul kära barndomsvän, saknar dig :)

Svar: Tack så mycket.

God jul! Ha det så underbart 💛💙💚❤️
Isabella Johansson

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