Run, fall and kiss.

Take my hand and just run.
Maybe faster or maybe you will have to catch up. 
Maybe we will have to stop, just for a while.
And then we can start run again.
Maybe faster then ever before.
And maybe someone will fall.
Hurt their knee, elbow or hand. 
But what does it matter?
-When the other one will help to get up.
Even though you live in England,
and I live somewhere else.
I will help you to get up.
I will run with you until we both fall.
Cause if we fall, we do it together. 
And then get up together.

When we have gotten up,
I know what to do.
Eat strawberries, melon and that awesome food you can make. 
And we will run, again.
We will run til' we fall again.
We are going to take that blanket and make it as cozy as we once did.
We can lay there, in the grass
With that blanket wrapped around us
And just smile
Like we always do.

I love you. To the moon and back.
/dreadhead. Also known as "korvprinsessan". Maybe the sausageprincess

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