Peak district, East Midlands.

A bunch of strong personalities are about to be described.

First, there is one person who devours the Aesir faith. I have no idea how this happend, 
maybe the stories are written on his skin. I haven't checked. He hates to socialise, but he's just the lovliest guy and he brought me into this little pile of people. 
Then there's the moody one, one of my first links to this squad of amazing people. He has put the "are you alright?"-question on repeat. He dances all the time. Or at least he moves his hips, I don't really know what he's doing.
The third person, whom I like a lot is named after a tea. And she kisses everyone, in a very friendly way. Which I'd love to do for the rest of my life. But I wont steal that part of her expressive personality. She's the kind of person that I sort of missed here in England, before I met her. I'd cuddle with her all night if it was an appropriate move to do.

Another very important person is my dear gesticulator. She's very beautiful, she reminds me of the sun. I do not know why. She's an amazing woman, and she always has a new game to play. There is a person with loads of cosy jumpers as well, he reminds me of my joker and he moves his body and mind like he doesn't have a care in the world. We ran once, over fields and roads, that was life. Another person is an infamous naturist around here, with the most ripped body across the whole university. The last but not least person knows that we'd be the perfect crew on a desolated island. I sync that person with leggins, pumpkins and thumbs up. One additional person, whom I do not know yet, has to wear a fake mustache to our next philosophy lecture.

They catch me, in more than one aspect. 
And I love them for that.

1 Mammis:


:) Beautiful time <3

Svar: :)
Isabella Johansson

2 Caroline:


Låter som en underbar "brunch" av människor
och spännande sport 😊

Svar: Jaa, väldigt. Kram c:
Isabella Johansson

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