Scottish men in kilts welcomed us in January. A term passed by, it was topped with London trips and little hearts. My flatmate slid a Valentine card under my door. My face was red and black on Derby Day. Early mornings and productive days. What an ideal, and it was real.

Spring came, oh how lovely. A fairly spontanious roadtrip happened, we slept in a church and saw the strangest place in Scandinavia. Oh, Christiania, how colourful art thou. We were in Varberg just before sunset, and my sister visited us for a little while. Then I flew away again.  

Met my favourite joker and filled my life with philosophy, disturbed sleeping patterns and late nights.
Exam fear are for the weak. I aced them all, did I not?

Summer came, and I am 4 months away from England.
Hands up, my favourite band is on stage. We celebrate midsummer. Home, lovely home. 

Photographer in Magaluf. The craziest thing I've ever done. 
And the best possible thing I could have done that summer. 
All those memories. J'adore. 
Sweden again. Reunions and more adventures.

And my lovely England. I came back. And I joined the climbing club- that was a very good choice. 
Besides my technological issues, everything was great and cosy and lovely.

Mr. Winter came and I went back to Suecia. My lovely parents are beautiful victims of my camera,
and I love them more than ever. 

Said goodbye to 2014 and welcomed the new year on a warm island with the most amazing people. 
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💋 We love You ❤️

2 Caroline O:


Vilket år, vad mycket du varit med om!!
Och vilka minnen du ska ha, underbart!

Svar: Oja! ser fram emot detta året också :) kramkram.
Isabella Johansson

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