And his eyes pierced mine.

I told myself to write something here when life has calmed down a bit, but it never does.
So here we are, about one and a half months later, and life is still speeding.
But that's how I've always lived, is it not?

 Retrogressive thoughts in the early hours of June.

I remember a humming soul, with mercury in his veins, humming about breeze-blocks and triangles. So well-dressed, and so well-spoken. Leaving a mark on my forehead, love bites and memories. Oh lord, where do you keep that beautiful soul of yours. Madhatter. How interesting when he made me cry at 3am by the river. How interesting was he, but then he withered away. 

His movements reminds me of another important joker. He dances and monkeys around without a care in the world. Wearing jumpers from heaven. Decieves his french lady and proposes a french kiss, and takes it without a doubt. What a surprise, my love, what a surprise. His hand in mine, we're running and climbing over barriers. Our barriers. Somnambulist, can you please open your eyes? Peculiar songs and intoxicated bodies, oh hello again. 
A little wave of embarrassment when he answers the questions close to his heart. But there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing. Have you ever kissed someone? With a cheeky smile, to die for, you answer the simplest questions, but not the hard ones. But are we both craving for more? I do not know. Will we ever share a sleeping bag, will you save my life in the mountains, will we be like normal people are? I think you brought me back to Christ, and I am forever greatful for that, Kefas.

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