Everything that you do not know.

Let the foreigner show you the way in the beloved London. 
Down to the underground markets in Camden and to the haloumi-hippies.

Setting, setting and setting. With chalky club t-shirts and stiff fingers. My forarms are aching, but it does not matter. Cardio, we are running. I am running. Where?

Oh, just here. The spring is coming, but the Big Ben is covered in rain drops.
Hail, sun, warmth, snow, rain, clouds. We've got it all. Listening to Seafret in a little coffeehouse session, 
they are going as big as THE Ben Howard. And we are eating carrots in a bar.
Planning my days and being famous for my dream catcher. 

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Jag älskar dig , tänker på dig på internationala kvinnodagen och alla dagar ❤️💋💐jag är så glad , lycklig och stolt över dig 😍

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